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We should sympathize for each member as they have a busy schedule and it is not easy to go on holiday or have some personal time off.

Source: news.livedoor translated by jpopasia Sisters before misters, girls.

Team K's current stage, K6th - Reset, has been performed since 2010.

A new AKB48 romance rumor has surfaced, involving top member Yuko Oshima (21) and Wa T's Eiji Wentz (24).

But without doubt, Oshima was definitely free that day.

On the other hand, Yui Yokoyama went to a stone spa with Shizuka Oya of Team A.

she’s blooming lately…i don’t know why x D but is it because she just turned 19? XD looks like their managers are setting them loose in japan…its like a vacation and a job at the same time lol its mos def a great place for those netizens to take stalker pics all day XD there is never a good way to refresh the mind after a week of reallly shocking and surprising news in the world of idoldom than to look at nice and fun-filled pics x D i went moe~ again when i saw the new updates from VYJ’s special photo site with mayuyu,sasshi and kitarie on cosplay the 2010 akb48 senbatsu election is over and the results are in.

Well, it's not really something you decide, you know.Honestly though, if the girls get some time off, they should spend it how they'd like.They're really just coworkers and not legit friends like the press/company tries to pass them off as. That's really sad cause they always try to pass K off as the most tight-knit team in all of AKB. I didn't really believe that crap about Yuko being super close to Sayaka anyways.But then the very next day, the restaurant worker changed what she reported and said that Oshima went with two female friends to the restaurant and it was not Wentz.Some netizens believed that she spoke too much and was scolded by her boss.

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