Young earth theory carbon dating

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So, by comparing many different trees in a forest in South Germany, and performing radiocarbon dating on a large number of samples, a calibration scale was developed.Other researchers did similar work in a forest in Northern Germany.So if one does these three steps: prepare a valid sample well, run the test correctly, and read the right calibration, the date should be good.So while many date to dance, you might say scientists do the "three-step" to date.Therefore, diamonds cannot be billions of years old.

Many Middle Eastern artifacts, preserved under ideal conditions, were consistently giving dates wrong by 20%. Let's look critically at assumption 2, that nothing else affects the ratio in a dead organism.A more difficult to deal problem with radiocarbon dating came from Egyptian and Mesopotamian artifacts when the dates were already known.In Egypt, Assyria, Babylonia, and Sumeria, there are "king lists" of who reigned and for how long.The ring is thick when the winter is short, and thin when the winter is long.Different trees growing at the same time in the same forest have very similar tree ring patterns.

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