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And to meet men while pursuing something I loved helped increase the odds that I'd have a lot in common with them.

Whether it's pursuing an advanced degree or developing a hobby, focus on activities you enjoy.

But you say the men in your church aren't "worthwhile" or "husband material." While it's possible there aren't any strong candidates for marriage among those in your congregation, your description of the men makes me wonder about your expectations. As to your church, is it an environment that encourages and celebrates marriage?

If so, even a lack of single men may not be reason enough to leave it. They may have sons, nephews, grandsons, etc., they could introduce you to.

You're more likely to find someone with similar interests if you're engaged in an activity you both enjoy when you meet.

Think of it like deciding to set up a tropical fish tank.That way everyone has the chance to meet someone new.When you do meet someone special, make a point to spend time as a couple with your mentors.It's a lot harder to let a guy know you're a great chef if you always meet at restaurants.Challenge everyone to bring one person of the opposite sex that will be new to the group.

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