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The author manages to cover it all in the book from tips for meeting girls IRL all the way to tracking them on social media.Each section also lists a difficulty level or stats relating to how hard it is to complete or carry out.It is highly recommended that all Java Script files should be compressed and minified as it can save up to 94.0 k B or 68% of the original size.

Can't get through the phone tree to get any answers. I realize you don't offer support through Twitter, but is there someone you can point me for help?

This means that even if you wasn't looking for a date then you could still enjoy the book due to the fact that it is such an entertaining read.

The book helps geeks everywhere learn to discover more about them before they go on that epic quest to find their princess.

Once you figure out where you fit then the The Geek's Guide to Dating helps you prepare by showing you how to plan a date, what to wear and even tips for after the date ends.

The best part of the book is how it relates certain aspects of dating to elements found in World of Warcraft, Super Mario Brothers and various other games.

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