Windows updating for hours

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If you have also got the latest updates installed there will be a .187 after the build number. However, I probably wouldn't notice if it did say "Upgrade and Shut Down", since the words are visibly similar, and I was so tired I just wanted to go to bed when I clicked it.I am not sure which of the two words the shut down had said.

windows updating for hours-48

After it finished that restoring screen thing and back to the desktop, I didn't see anything different when it finally booted up (I say finally, because it took a long time to do that update thing too, just a few days ago). Should I manually do something to fix it or leave it as is and let it update when prompted? Edit to add: The message "Your PC will restart several times." below the update progress is a helpful message.The 'restoring to previous version' means that this upgrade was attempted once before. On a failed upgrade, Setup restores everything from your old system and put it back to the way it was before the upgrade started.It is very likely that it is going to fail again this time.Before I went to bed, I clicked to shut off my side computer (OS: Windows 10), and saw "Update and Shut down" as an option so I clicked that and went to bed.I woke up 8 hours later about 7pm, and I turned on my side computer and saw "Working on updates 0%".

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