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Facebook (3041941 likes) and Instagram (205 k followers).His twitter handle is @mikeroweworks and his Twitter description is given as: "I'm only dirty on the outside.As of 2016, he is 53 and de doesn't look like a pro-family person at this stage of life.Quoting his word here: "My reasoning for not having kids is due to the fact that I am selfish.His major work in the field of trade activism will be , which is not only focused on the decline of blue collar trades but also focused on reviving crumbling state of the infrastructure.His other notable trade activism credentials include co-founding "I Make America" campagain with the Associaction of Equipment Manufacturers, giving video contribution to Gobuild Alabama.com, making contact with both President Obama and then presedential candidate Mitt Romney and offering to help promote 3 million "shovel-ready" jobs, creating educational initiative such as Profoundly Disconnected and launching a resource centre that provides information, resources, and forums for people interested in learning about, or pursuing a career in, the trades.According to Mike's theory, the country has a giant skill gap even if there are a remarkable number of real blue collar jobs with high return that younger generation are not being able to identify as viable options.

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As far as we know, his only controversy include his association with UTI (Universal Technical Institute), a for profit trade school, which was condemned by the senate for not providing better education than a community college.

Not only that, he is also a tough critic of student loans and the rising cost of tuition.

Importantly, his foundation grant scholarships to young people who are interested in getting dirty, in other words Blue Collar jobs and trade.

Interestingly, Mike Twitter bio says " I m only dirty on the outside".

Anyway, it will not be wrong to say his Dirty Jobs saga made him a trade activist with a mission to revive declining blue collar trades there by educating people about opportunities of such jobs.

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