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There are acrobatic shows as well as a rodeo, shops, and restaurants.

It’s a good family destination with lots of kid-friendly activities.

Though it has a sordid past with drugs, the city is now a popular place for salsa and expats.

It has totally changed its image and is now one of the top “it” places to visit in the world.

Expect to pay around 305,000 COP for a two-tank dive.

Medellin is the second largest city in the country and is regularly revered as one of the most beautiful places in South America.

It has been fully restored and is considered a national monument.

In this huge park you can learn how to milk a cow, ride horses, feed goats, and more.

It’s a wild and bustling city that serves as a popular vacation spot for people in the country.

This tiny town is tucked into a beautiful valley and is one of the most culturally rich colonial towns in all of the country.

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