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A verge is literally an area of land that encompasses the Royal Court that is subject to the jurisdiction of the Lord Steward.

The fable is that it belonged to a giant and was kept on Michell Fold, Shropshire, and its milk was inexhaustible.Percy (The Legend of Sir Guy) In medieval England, many activities were at one time or another prohibited under forest law.These included hunting, enclosure of land, felling of trees, building, the carrying of weapons and the grazing of livestock.In the beginning, punishments for these offences were brutal and blinding or amputation were not uncommon.This evolved into a system of fines and eventually this became a de facto tax; providing a major source of income to the Crown Gentlemen-Commoners were distinguished from ordinary commoners by special academic dress, by dining at a separate table, by various immunities with respect to lectures etc and by the payment of higher fees. A large cask used for the shipment of wines and spirits.

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