Who is david draiman dating

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After attending Yeshiva High School at the Wisconsin Institute for Torah Study in Milwaukee, he also went to South Shore High School in Brooklyn, the Fasman Yeshiva High School and Ida Crown Jewish Academy in Chicago, and Valley Torah High School in North Hollywood, California, he spent the 1991-1992 academic year at the Neveh Zion Yeshiva in Telz-Stone, Jerusalem.

Draiman then triple majored in Business Administration, Philosophy and Political Science at Loyola University.

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“This track and the success that it has seen is only further proof and validation of that.David has a younger brother named Benjamin "Ben" Draiman whose musical style is more folk rock and ambient.Draiman was seriously considering law school before he auditioned for the band after finding an ad in an Illinois newspaper.“He got my email from our management, his management reached out, and he said how much he loved the song. He watched it and was very impressed with it, and said some amazing things that I couldn’t help but post to our Facebook page. “He ended up posting it on his own personal Facebook page, and it’s really been unbelievably gratifying,” he continues.“When the original songwriter himself gives his blessing and compliments you on what you’ve done, when our entire intention was to pay homage to one of the most prolific and gifted songwriters of all time, it’s truly overwhelming and incredibly surreal, and a very big shock.

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