Who is clinton kelly dating

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For example, to augment her 0,000 salary, Hillary had earned large sums from seats on local corporate boards, including Wal-Mart.One company chairman explained Hillary's presence on his board as "making sure he was in good grace with the people in power." In that atmosphere, Bill and Hillary developed a sense of entitlement, borrowing from banks operated by political friends and accepting favours from individuals and corporations, such as the free use of private planes.It was the same method of suicide used by a Marine officer in the film A Few Good Men - which Foster was known recently to have watched.In the movie, the officer had killed himself because he was distraught about testifying against his commanding officer. As the months passed, wild rumours began to grow that a hitman had murdered him because he knew too much."One time, Hillary said: 'Mel, your problem is you just aren't mean enough,'" recalled her friend Mary Mel French."I couldn't work for her and keep our friendship. Hillary used to say he reminded her of Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch in To Kill A Mockingbird - reserved, upright and dependable."People gravitated to Vince because he was a world-class listener," recalled a former Little Rock lawyer.Later, there were several official investigations into the Clintons' complex web of financial and real estate dealings, which culminated in criminal convictions for some of their associates, though Hillary and Bill were never prosecuted themselves.Whitewater was later seen as symptomatic of the culture that existed in Arkansas during Bill's governorship, when the Clintons' connections helped them to enrich themselves.

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Her subordinates - who called her "The Big Girl" or later "Big Mama" and wore badges saying "Hillaryland" - had a starry-eyed devotion that was almost cult-like.

"Women were drawn to him not just because he was smart and handsome, but because he seemed to keep secrets." At the funeral for Hillary's father, who died during the Clintons' first term at the White House, it was on Foster's shoulder that the First Lady rested her slightly over-large head.

Inevitably, this intimate gesture added fuel to rumours that they were - or at least had been - romantically involved.

One of Hillary's friends said: "They were all afraid to say no to her." She was a hard taskmaster and would call her staff at home after hours to make trifling requests. According to White House chronicler Bob Woodward, she "frequently reduced her personal travelling aide to tears" when the assistant failed to produce something Hillary needed. They take it, and they bow and scrape." According to one commentator, the reason Hillary surrounded herself with women was because she found men too complicated.

She had a temper, but instead of "making nice" afterwards, as Bill did, Hillary withdrew in cool silence. Indeed, she once told former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, who owed her appointment to Hillary's support: "We both know what a**holes men can be." The one man who was definitely not an a**hole was Vince Foster.

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