Who is claudia schiffer dating bj novak dating kelly

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She was also in boyband Westlife's music video for "Uptown Girl", and in 2000, she made a cameo appearance in Bon Jovi's video for "Say It Isn't So".She has released four exercise videos, entitled Claudia Schiffer's Perfectly Fit, which were successful and reached the bestsellers list.She is signed to several agencies, including d'management group in Milan and 1/One Management in New York City, Simon Fuller's 19 Entertainment in London for her non modelling interests, and her mother agency 'Model Management' in Hamburg.Schiffer has appeared in a number of films and music videos.

While they were married, and when not otherwise occupied with her modelling work, Schiffer often joined her husband in his stage shows as a special guest assistant in a number of illusions.

During the show, she would be levitated high into the air, made to vanish and re-appear, beheaded by a full-sized guillotine, and finally sawed in half.

Usually, this would be in his Clearly Impossible illusion, although on occasion he would use his antique Buzz Saw illusion that had formerly belonged to actor and magician Orson Welles.

From her appearances in a 1998 Citroën advertisement, she earned a reputed £3 million.

Karl Lagerfeld filmed her for a Dom Perignon campaign, some ten years after her first appearances in Chanel adverts.

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