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But recently Fox's career path took a surprise turn, as he is devoting his energy and passion to a whole new endeavor. No, these days Fox can be found in the wild, woolly world of…e-sports. For those who haven't heard of it before, e-sports is basically professional, competitive video gaming.Teams of gamers face off against each other in big tournaments that are streamed live over the Internet—and sometimes even on live television—with all the trappings of classic, physical sports, including rabid fan bases and play-by-play commentary.But it wasn't even Fox's only career; while he was still starring on the hard court, Fox began a second career moonlighting as an actor, fulfilling an ambition he had nurtured while pursuing his degree in Radio, Television and Motion Pictures at UNC.

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She wore a 'skyscraper' tee off one shoulder and added a pale pink jacket that she left falling down her back.

Not only was Rick Fox an NBA star, he's also become world famous as an actor, not to mention front page tabloid fodder for his many high profile romances with other celebrities.

Forget second acts, he's already onto his third and fourth.

She put a lip emoji over her nipple in the photo but in those blurry caps the emoji is missing.

Hard to tell if there is a nipple visible or not though.

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