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He then called on Richard to ascend the throne as the true heir of York, pointing out his resemblance to his father.

After an initial feigned show of reluctance, Richard then accepted and was crowned in his nephew's place.

The legitimacy of the young Edward V then began to be actively questioned, and the old claim of Edward IV not being the true son of Richard, Duke of York was resurrected by Buckingham, who stated that the late King's true father had been an archer named Blaybourne, who was supposed to have had an adulterous affair with his mother Cecily, Duchess of York.

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Edward's mother had taken sanctuary at the abbey during the brief restoration of the Lancastrian king, Henry VI by the ambitious Richard Neville, Earl of Warwick, known as 'Warwick the Kingmaker'.A Strasbourg doctor, the last of his attendants, whose services the King enjoyed, reported that the young King, like a victim prepared for sacrifice, sought remission of his sins by daily confession and penance, because he believed that death was facing him.Already there was a suspicion that he had been done away with.King Edward V was lodged in the Bloody Tower, then known as the Garden Tower, in the Tower of London, ostensibly awaiting his coronation.There was nothing sinister detected in this at the time when the Tower was a royal residence as well as a prison.

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