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As seasons progressed, she alleged that Lawrence’s behavior worsened with tantrums, outbursts and threats when he didn’t get his way on set.

She even went as far as requesting that writers stop incorporating scenes featuring she and Lawrence in bed together, saying that Lawrence took their love scenes too far with excessive groping and using tongue while kissing against her wishes.

But if you wonder why such a successful show ended seemingly before its time, that may just be the reason why.

According to Tisha Campbell-Martin, Lawrence took their on-screen love affair and tried to have life imitate art.

From the beginning, their on-screen chemistry was lit and remains unmatched since its time.

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The show has classic episodes and one-liners: from Pam’s buckshots to Tommy’s lack of employment, Martin was the classic fool.

Co-stars have even alluded to there still being tension and tip-toeing around definitive answers.

In interviews with the cast, the lawsuit was never mentioned and reunions were shot down.

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