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It also includes the unequally yoked categories of disease and sin.Given its ambiguities, there is a growing sentiment that we need a different word” (, p.11).Another recent study from Case Western Reserve University confirms this.Researchers concluded that there is a strong relationship between strong moral and religious convictions against porn and the perception that personal porn use is an “addiction.” In my opinion, the chief sources of the discrepancy are the conflicting definitions of addiction.According to a recent survey by the Barna Group, 21% of Christian men say they have thought they were “addicted” to porn or said they weren’t sure.

Pioneering sex therapist Michael Quadland has studied those who feel “out of control” with their sexual behavior.

The language of addiction is largely shaped by culture—not medicine.

Christian counselor Ed Welch explains: “In popular use, addiction has become a very elastic and ambiguous category that contains everything from the frivolous (added to the six o’clock news) to the grave (addicted to alcohol).

The Bible speaks of a slavery to sin that has affected the whole human race.

For the addict, this slavery has impacted his or her life in a particular, more demonstrative way; in fact, the conference in Philadelphia was called “The Addict in Us All,” to highlight this very point: we are all addicted to self, addicted to sin, and as Christians we are all being redeemed from that life of sin-slavery. Definitional differences aside, could it be that Christians actually have a more difficult time battling addictions?

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