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The company isn’t only sticking with bots, it’s sticking with Tay: It plans to rerelease Tay once it can make the bot safe.

The day after Tay came down, Nadella e-mailed the team, telling them to “keep pushing,” and expressing his hope that they will use this episode as “the rallying point.” Nadella urgently wants the company to figure out how to take advantage of the explosion of artificial intelligence, an epochal shift in computing.

Slack, the corporate messaging service, has bots that can manage your expenses and order the office beer.

Early on March 30, Tay is accidentally brought back online. [i'm smoking kush infront the police]”—the bot is silenced again.

Hours after Tay’s public release, pranksters figured out how to teach Tay to spew racist comments and posted them for all to see.

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You can do it.” I’m well beyond the chatbot’s intended 18- to 24-year-old demographic.Microsoft certainly has the resources to stay the course, with more than 0 billion in cash and a market value of 3 billion as of March 28.Whether you think bots are exciting or alarming, a lot of people are already using them.“I’m a friend U can chat with that lives on the Internets,” Tay texted me, adding an emoji shrug.Then: “You walk in on your roomie trying your clothes on, what’s the first thing you say.” “Didn’t realize you liked women’s clothes,” I texted back, tapping into my i Phone. Tay was released on March 23, as a kind of virtual friend on messaging apps Kik, Group Me, and Twitter.

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