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The answer: inside the furnaces of stars and the explosions that mark the end of some stars' lives.

Astronomers have long studied exploded stars and their remains — known as "supernova remnants" — to better understand exactly how stars produce and then disseminate many of the elements observed on Earth, and in the cosmos at large.

Cassiopeia is a terrifying creature - half woman, half snake - whose slightest glance brings death. Cassiopeia's bored into the man's eyes, locking them in a cold-hearted bond.

The youngest daughter of one of Noxus's most influential families, she was once a beautiful and cunning temptress capable of manipulating the hardest heart. " Point to the ground, he pushed himself onto his feet with his sword. She screamed, pouring all her rage into the cry; fury at the unfairness of her current state, anger at the loss of her privileged life, resentment for her failed ambitions.

All were oblivious to the predator lurking in the darkness above. "You consider yourself better than an animal, do you? The man's head turned abruptly, trying to pinpoint the sound of her voice. " he said, his wavering tone betraying false bravado. The man's eyes widened in horror, his hands trembling. Curling her tail around his chest, she squeezed his ribcage tighter and tighter, sensing his pounding heart straining beneath her grasp. She resisted the urge to break him completely, and released her grip. What was once skin fractured into a grisly pattern resembling a dried riverbed. persuade people to orchestrate my schemes" she said. now I simply take what I want." She whipped her tail forward, smashing the statue to the ground.

Cassiopeia brushed a taloned hand against her scaly side, her serpentine figure concealed by the shadows. Once, she had been a powerful figure in Noxus: assassins killed at her slightest whim, soldiers spilled their darkest secrets, and generals willingly followed her counsel in the hopes of patronage. No longer was she an influential voice in Noxian society, not since she had been reduced to this grotesque abomination in hiding. "Even beasts are nothing to your savagery" said Cassiopeia. He hammered his fists against every door, but each was bolted shut. " "What I do is no business of yours." "I know you're murdering children for drake meat. Cassiopeia stood head and shoulders over the man, glaring down with narrowing eyes. He crawled to his sword, grasping it in desperation. She smiled, eyes glinting, as it shattered into a thousand pieces of dust and rubble.

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Currently the vessel CASSIOPEIA V is on her next destination to BANGLADESH and the estimated time of arrival (ETA) is around Dec 19, .

Below you can find more technical information, photos, AIS data and last 5 port calls of CASSIOPEIA V detected by AIS.

Are you interested in the sailing schedule of the CASSIOPEIA V ship?

Cassiopeia is a deadly creature bent on manipulating others to her sinister will.

Youngest and most beautiful daughter of the noble Du Couteau family of Noxus, she ventured deep into the crypts beneath Shurima in search of ancient power.

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