Vice guide to dating a rich girl

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Limerence is VERY much a real thing, contrary to what anyone believes. The obsessive and intrusive thinking explains itself. In this more intense, deeper, perhaps darker stage of limerence down the road, one cannot even wake up and go to the bathroom without thinking of LO.

If you're limerent, you simply cannot get that one person off your mind. Limerence becomes consuming and is unfortunately, already by this point, an addiction.

Not that kind of high, but a high that makes them feel really good inside (on cloud 9, I suppose you could say).

They seek a "high", which includes anything to do with the person they're limerent over.

Tennov believes the cause is from a hyperactive limbic system.

The limbic system contains many parts of the brain that controls your emotions.

There is no guarantee or clear cause on why limerence happens.

However, when they do interact with you, you feel like you're floating in the clouds. One, you're uncertain of their romantic feelings towards you/afraid of rejection.

Two, because you're afraid of what they'll think of you after you do or what they might say. Unarguably, there are much, much more little aspects that contribute to it, but I figured I'd describe of what I think are the core components in that example.

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