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She had an older brother, Mark, who died at 17 months from an accidental poisoning before Valerie was born.Along with her other three brothers, one older and two younger, the family lived in Claymont, Delaware, and Clarkston, Michigan.EDDIE VAN HALEN's ex-wife VALERIE BERTINELLI has dismissed reports the veteran guitarist has checked into rehab.Actress Bertinelli refuses to reveal what Van Halen is suffering from, but insists the former alcoholic and cancer survivor...Actress VALERIE BERTINELLI is celebrating after competing in her first ever road race in California on Sunday (20Jul09).Eddie Van Halen's ex-wife, who has dropped 49 pounds (22.2 kilograms) since 2007, has been training for the...

The couple split four years ago (01) but have never made their separation...Rocker EDDIE VAN HALEN ended his ex-wife VALERIE BERTINELLI's brief dabble with anorexia - by forcing her to eat hot dogs. Rocker EDDIE VAN HALEN refused to accept his cigarette habit may have contributed to the mouth cancer he once suffered, according to his ex-wife VALERIE BERTINELLI. Actress VALERIE BERTINELLI has blamed GISELE BUNDCHEN and her supermodel pals for modern eating disorder trends - because the leading fashion names are doing nothing to promote a healthy image. STEVEN SPIELBERG's dislike for garlic cost him a romance with TV star VALERIE BERTINELLI.The couple dated for three months after she auditioned for Raiders Of The Lost Ark, but when the director turned his...Bertinelli's ex-husband, rocker Eddie Van Halen and their son Wolfgang were at the wedding, according to reports. In concern towards her personal life, Valerie Bertinelli married boyfriend, Eddie Van Halen, an American-Dutch musician.

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