Updating your network infrastructure

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Once you determined the above factors, the remaining planning process - theoretically speaking - pretty simple and straight forward: (A quick note: At this point, i could go on explaining the OSI model and lose myself in details… For those of you who do need more information about this topic, i recommend having a look at I don’t want to go too much into detail about our own Infrastructure and Hardware (for obvious reasons), so i just wrote down some basic ideas and best practices that might help you get some ideas when planning your own network infrastructure.

If you want to add some more ideas or point out some stupid mistakes that i made, feel free to comment :).

This year will be pretty big for us here at synyx - business has been doing well and in the last couple of years, we have been grown to, as of now, employ a dedicated team of almost 50 individuals.

The downside though: We are quickly running out of office space. Our new office is currently still a giant construction site, but we are confident being able to move in this summer.

The scale of your network is the most important decision in planning your network, as it will influence all of your following decisions: What network applications do your users rely on the most, and how much bandwidth do these applications need?

Are you providing access to file and print servers?

At thorough knowledge about current and upcoming technologies is required to make smart, effective design decisions.

Are you planning to build a LAN, WAN or CAN infrastructure?

One of my pet peeves is ‘pretty’ drawings that have the product icon of the device or the Power Point symbol of the device’s function.The needs and resources of each company will lead to a different set of networking solutions and you need to carefully consider the current infrastructure layout and the future requirements to determine the optimal network design for your situation.As with all other aspects of IT, there is a wild variety of hardware, software, standards and an almost unlimited amount of terms and concepts to keep track of.You should test every cable using appropriate tools to make sure it is suitable for its intended use.And last, but not least: What budget do you have available for the installation and maintenance of your network infrastructure?

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