Updating wisair hub

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Regarding your Ford comment, I could not agree more with you.Unfortunately, Samsung has done this, by removing the Guide feature/function, by removing the Scheduling Manager feature/function, and by removing the Channel List feature/function.This sometimes helps with people who are having theses symptoms, and resolves it completely.The features that have been removed off of the unit, more than likely are part of the signature services that ended.Personally, I am appalled by this and cannot believe it has come to this.Since you are still using the Scheduling Manager, I would assume that your source is set to either an over-the-air antenna or to a cable set-top box (STB), which, natively, has a guide.Regards, HD Tech Thank you, HD Tech, for your quick and informative response.By chance, is there a website that lists these hard reset codes?

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4.568-5.0) (Space: 533mb\/755mb) (TV Software ver.: 001057 - T-ECPAKUC-1057.0, BT - S\/I\/G)Common things they have you do is reset the TV (they'll tell you how) since firmware updates have been known to need a reset after the update. They'll also have advice about check date/time of the TV as well as possible changing of the DNS setting. Please try going to the main smart hub screen, where all the apps are located.Apparently, such features/functionality was simply too much for those who paid thousands of dollars for our "Smart" televisions or it was too much for our cable service providers. Thank you for your response, shamorris, but could you be more specific?I've looked through the entire menu structure and I can't find the function you refer to.I've been having an issue with my Samsung Smart TV for the past few weeks, specifically with the smart hub (version 4.568-5.0) application loading, sometimes I just get the loading icon (top right) displaying for a minute or two then smarthub never loads, other times nothing at all happens when pressing the button on the remote; Restarting the TV once or twice allows me to finally start smarthub.My first thought was maybe a bad update, but the second part of the issue is it's updating overly often, daily, for the last few weeks, and this is just as unusual; additionally the updates are taking about 10min before downloading and notifying the update install has completed. I've tried reinstalling and resetting smart hub, are there any other suggestion troubleshooting options?

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