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Resolving errors by end-users is often possible by updating the “config file” but sometimes fixing the asset requires the original source files.

The Trainz Wiki has more guidance for content creators regarding how to create error free content.

In recent editions of the simulator, Trainz has introduced a 5 metre grid, but the tunnel limitations remain.

Nevertheless, some Trainz users have embarked on what they call Model Railroadz, choosing a model scale, say HO, them making assets 87 times larger to be used to construct a train room, these include walls, doors, ceilings floors, and other items.

For a successful project you should be able to make your own model to suit, using Max, gmax or Blender, otherwise you will be limited to what is available from others.

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Ensure that you're logged in with the same account that you used to purchased the DLC item.3.Login using your Simulator Central or My Trainz Username and Password. If you have trouble downloading and would like instead to order a DVD version by Air Mail for the cost of postage and handling, please click this link.Note: Support tickets are generally answered in 1-3 days. This article provides step by step instructions to locate and download products ordered from the Trainz Store at Store. Step 1: Log in to the same login as when you ordered the item.Note: For Trainz: A New Era click on 'TANE Download Page', then choose one only of the mirror sites of the offline installer or choose the online installer (recommended).Step 4: If left-clicking does not commence the download, you can use right-click "Save As" and then choose the location to save the files(s).

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