Updating mdt out of box drivers

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I know many of you are preparing for deploying OS’s using MDT 2010/2012 or try to capture an image of an OS, and most of the times you are successful.

It is recommended not to check the box so the deployment share size will not increase and driver management be more simple.

You know…every time you have to install an OS, you have to search for drivers on the vendor page because the drivers are not included on the installation media.

When deploying with MDT, the most common error message is the one for the network card drivers: “A connection to the deployment share “…” could not be made.

To do this, MDT has a folder/section in the deployment share that is dedicated to organizing and storing drivers. The basic INF files are what MDT needs for driver injection.

Many drivers are distributed as packages, which come in the form of an executable. If an executable is the only way a driver is available, it must be imported as an application into MDT, and installed via task sequence.

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