Updating keys

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This key is used to identify the subscription and is used by the JCE Updater and the Joomla Update Manager to allow access to add-on updates.

The key will become invalid when the subscription expires.

Any key from a previous subscription can be used if you have an active subscription.

The key can be found in the Details area in Your Subscriptions page, which you will be directed to after logging in, or by clicking on Your Account in the menu.

The keys for some NGINX software – specifics are explained below – will expire on Wednesday, August 17th, and you won’t be able to verify your software signatures until you’ve updated your key. Gnu PG is a free implementation of the Open PGP standard – widely known as PGP.

This announcement does not affect you if you obtain open source NGINX from providers other than NGINX, Inc. GPG keys are used to verify that the packages in a repo were authored by the owner of the key. uses GPG keys on its RPM packages and Debian/Ubuntu repositories so that you can verify the integrity and origin of the downloaded package.

(Note that with the check disabled, you see a warning when you install new packages, but the installation still succeeds.) If you have explicitly configured the GPG check, you need to replace the key.The process remains the same as in the past, but we will revisit the steps below.Note: Also, for any user upgrading from i Ve version 1.13.4 or older to a version (1.14 or newer), the existing license key must be updated, even if your license period is not set to expire soon.This concept is described in detail in the GPG Mini Howto. have enough signatures that their authenticity is relatively easy to check.After renewing an i Ve license, remember that an update must be applied to the hardware license key.

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