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Abby soon formed a strong bond with Victor, although it didn't lessen her love for Brad.Although Brad initially won custody of Abby during their divorce, he returned her to Ashley, who took Abby with her when she left to work in Hong Kong.Colleen was buried next to her father Brad, her heart donated to save the life of Abby's father Victor Newman.Brad's mansion was inherited by Abby at Colleen's death.Abby expected to get her inheritances from Brad, Colleen, and Victor to finance it, but Ashley and Victor refused.So Abby charged an ,000 piece of jewelry and gave it to Kent to hock, then hired Rafe to sue for her inheritances. of Newman-Abbott Formerly worked in marketing at Jabot Face of Fashion (and under Victoria at Newman-Abbott) Investor in Beauty of Nature Former commentator on the Restless Style TV talk show Former investor in Devon's recording company Did product promotion for Jabot Cosmetics Formerly promoted herself as "The Naked Heiress," hoping to get a reality TV show Ashley Abbott (mother) Victor Newman (father by artificial insemination of stolen sperm) Brad Carlton (adoptive father) (deceased) Rebecca Montalcini (adoptive paternal grandmother) Arthur Kaplan (adoptive grandfather via Brad; deceased) Cora Miller (biological paternal grandmother, deceased) Albert Miller (biological paternal grandfather; deceased) Dina Abbott Mergeron (maternal grandmother) Brent Davis (maternal grandfather, deceased) Victoria Newman (half-sister) Nicholas Newman (half-brother) Adam Newman (deceased half-brother) Colleen Carlton (adoptive half-sister via Brad/half-cousin via Ashley; deceased) Robert Carlton (half-brother via Ashley/adoptive brother via Brad; deceased) Faith Colleen Newman (sister; Ashleys child with Victor; miscarriage) Stephanie Kaplan (adoptive paternal aunt; deceased) Matt Miller (paternal uncle) Jack Abbott (maternal uncle) Billy Abbott (believes that he is her uncle, but they are not related due to Ashley's real paternity) Traci Abbott (maternal aunt) Keemo Volien Abbott (maternal cousin) Kyle Jenkins Abbott (maternal cousin) Summer Newman (paternal niece) Eve Nicole Howard (biological paternal niece; deceased) Cassie Newman (adoptive paternal niece; deceased) Noah Newman (nephew; son of Nick and Sharon) Christian Andrew Newman (nephew; son of Nick/Adam and Sage) John "Johnnie" Abbott (nephew; adopted son of Victoria) Riley Newman (nephew; son of Adam and Chelsea; miscarriage) Conner Adam Newman (nephew; son of Adam and Chelsea) Katherine "Katie" Rose Abbott Newman (niece and goddaughter; daughter of Victoria and Billy) Daniel Romalotti (lovers) Carmine Basco (kissed) Alejandro "Alex" Chavez (lovers) [2013] Tyler Michaelson (lovers) (engagement broken) [2014] Austin Travers (lovers, 2015) Ben "Stitch" Rayburn (lovers, 2015) Zack Stinnett (lovers 2017; deceased) Scott Grainger Jr.

But it still got her a lot press, and convinced Daniel to do a nude painting of her.

The club manager called the police and had Abby arrested.

Abby was thrilled for the publicity, until she found herself stuck in jail four days awaiting her arraignment. Abby informed her mother that the mansion where they lived was hers and kicked her out, so Ashley moved home to Abbott Manor.

Then in 2008, Ashley reunited with Victor Newman and moved into the Newman Ranch with him.

Abby soon followed, much older, horse-loving and very sophisticated.

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