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After putting decades into a marriage, there must be better ways to spend our remaining years together.

Here are three solutions to incorporate into our lives right now: Ask questions about his world, evolving likes and dislikes, nourish her hopes and dreams. Take the time to listen to each other’s desires and fears.

These are missed cues that keep repeating themselves until a person just grows too weary and stops trying.

When asked to extend oneself physically or emotionally, some individuals withdraw instead.

Reflecting this trend, the New York Times began a new feature on their Sunday Vows page called ‘Unhitched-Lessons Learned When It’s All Over’.

Divorced couples are asked to look back at their life together, reflect on its unraveling, and try to understand why their marriage could not be saved. Many people spend years looking forward to this season of life.

Sentimental walks and sweet talk between husband and wife seem to be part of a past life.

Faced with new couple time after years of living all about the kids, this time together can feel strange.

Couples who have spent years parenting and working hard on their careers through their 20’s and 30’s surprisingly discover that they are not the same people they were when they began their journey together.

Over the newly quiet dinner table they find awkwardness.

Husband and wife realize that the person sitting across from them seems unfamiliar.

More and more couples are splitting up as they grow older.

In fact, a quarter of all divorces now involve those over 50.

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