Top 10 newest dating match

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“She’ll pull me close when I least expect it, putting her right hand firmly around my waist and cradling the back of my head with her left hand before kissing me,” she explains. ” On a hot summer day, you can still make chills run up and down your date’s spine by popping an ice cube into your mouth or eating a popsicle… Take it from Laura, 28, from Englewood Cliffs, NJ, who uses frozen grapes for a chilly surprise.

“Sometimes, I’ll pop a frozen grape or two into my mouth before I kiss the guy I’m dating.

Fluttered against a check or temple, they’ll deliver a barely-there sensation that will leave your lover wanting more, much more. “Sometimes I tickle my boyfriend before I kiss him by batting my eyelashes lightly against his cheek. Trace the tip of your tongue along this periphery, a move that does wonders for Virginia Smith, 23, from New Haven, CT.

“My boyfriend would kiss me on the lips and then pull away a little and run his tongue slowly along my upper lip and then my bottom lip, in a circle.

For Heather, 29, from New York, NY, kissing hits new heights when her girlfriend grabs her just so.

See it all as experience, not as proof that you’re a loser (or that everyone else is a loser).

Learn from your bad and boring dates and try again.

“Sometimes I try to create that in the shower with the woman I’m dating now.

It works, but the original was definitely better.” For a lighter, more playful night of necking, forget about your lips for a second and try using a new tool in your kissing arsenal: your eyelashes. It’s a nice way to remind him of the fun side of our relationship.” The outer edges of your lips are a sensitive, but oft-ignored, area—so try revving your amour’s motor by trying this move.

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