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(Please don’t give up cheese because of this, eating full fat cheese can actually be good for you.) Brady also avoids coffee and caffeine.

White rice, bread, cold cuts, pineapples, and even are also rarely eaten. It's because Brady focuses on eating “alkalizing” foods, or foods meant to decrease inflammation in your body.

Some of these principles have been around for thousands of years.

My nutritional regimen may seem restrictive to some people, but to me it feels unnatural to eat any other way,” Brady writes.

After a brief stint of going out together during 2002, Brady parted ways with Roberts that same year and managed to bag an even bigger celebrity in the process.

As if dating a Playmate wasn’t enough, Brady had shifted his sights on a true silver screen celebrity.

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Brady wasted little to no time in cashing in on his first Super Bowl win and MVP honors from 2001 by dating (what else? Layla Roberts – 1997’s Playmate of the Year – has more going for her than posing for a nudie mag; she had also had minor appearances on movies such as .

(More on his hydration habit here.) One rule: He’ll only glug the H20 half an hour before a meal, then he’ll typically wait an hour before he has his next glass.

Combined with his protein shakes, we’re not quite sure how he has time to eat actual food.

He likes to snack on fruit and protein bars or protein shakes. ) “I’m never lacking for protein, and some days I’ll have up to three or four scoops of protein powder,” he writes.

(Add a boost to your own shakes with this organic whey protein from the store.)Dinner, like lunch, is packed with vegetables approved by Brady’s alkaline philosophy.

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