To meet for k9 sex

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This, of course, encourages the practice that contributed to the problem in the first place.

When correcting sexual mounting, it is best to distract the dog to some other activity before it becomes firmly attached to a leg or other part of the owner's anatomy.

We all know the different types of mounting dogs (that's mounting dogs, not mountain dogs! No one would mind if their dogs only humped other dogs at the appropriate mating times.

Or what about the female dog who mounts other female dogs?

Problem is, some dogs aren't very selective about the objects of their affections.

They'll try to hump arms, legs, teddy bears, sometimes even cats - usually with disastrous consequences.

They reach sexual maturity before they reach emotional maturity.

Humping is not strictly a male dog behaviour, although males are the worst offenders.

And dogs are always trying to prove that they're tougher than the next guy. Others do it by putting their feet on another dog's back.

If the dog (male or female) is neutered in an attempt at correction, environmental/behavioural alterations are also advisable.

It should go without saying that the owners must not allow or encourage further sexual mounting.

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