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A special beauty event to help you get ready for summer is being held at an Aberdeen shopping centre tonight.

The Summer Fiesta Beauty event will take place at Boots in the Bon Accord Centre tonight.

Archaeologists found at least four "well-preserved" buildings - one of them retaining its ground floor walls - in the remains of a quarter, and a graded road believed to lead to a square. tmpl=stor...e_050914154318 ________________________________________ September 16 2005 at AM Geneva - A Celtic settlement believed to be nearly 3 000 years old has been discovered near Roman tombs in northern Switzerland, archeologists said on Thursday.

The tendency to Katrina-like hurricanes is increasing, Holland says.

Without the warmer sea-surface temperatures, Katrina might only have been a category 2 or 3.

We can say with confidence that the trends in sea surface temperatures and hurricane intensity are connected to climate change, says Websters co-author Judy Curry, also of the Georgia Institute of Technology.

The team looked at the incidence of intense tropical storms and the study results are the strongest affirmation yet that Katrina-level hurricanes are becoming more frequent in a warmer world.

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