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As a tree does not choose the location of its seeding it is more likely a difference in rain-drought cycles that yield an incongruity in the ring accumulation and a disparity between the ages of two distinct trees.In regions outside the American Southwest, experts commonly take large samplings of trees then radio-carbon date the rings.He says, “Cross-checking with other archaeological information will confirm whether a radio-carbon date is ‘reasonable’.

Archaeological research of the Middle East bases most of its time-lines on the flawed methods of dendrochronology, radio-carbon dating, stratigraphic layers with pottery, and incorrectly dated chronologies of Egyptian pharaohs to set biblical events instead of using the established timeline set forth in the Bible.Archaeologists digging into the layers of a site will find pottery.Based on a known history of pottery a layer of occupation can be dated.a dated coin or a piece of organic material that can be radio-carbon dated.As discussed before the radio-carbon dating proved untrustworthy.

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