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Feliz poder contar contigo y otros Po S-eros en nuestro equipo!

Seguimos dando voz a la ciencia, desde bares o donde sea! Hoy ha ocurrido algo muy importante para la ciencia en España: el Partido Popular, el único que hasta ahora había rechazado nuestro Acuerdo de País para la Ciencia, ha votado a favor en el Senado.

We are happily married now and just bought our first home together!

A BIG thank you to — we have put our trust into online dating and it worked out really well!

We had an initial attraction that I had never experienced before or since.

As we worked on the student club we became closer and fell in love (or at least I did).

Sarah returned home, too, for the summer (to Dallas). Sarah returned to school in the fall and I moved in with some roommates in town. Savu Mex @IFBarcelona organises this Thursday in the @Movistar Centre in Barcelona an incredibly interesting workshop and panel discussion on accelerator programs for entrepreneurs. Enhorabuena a los cracks de @pintofscience ES por el gran esfuerzo y traer tanta gente a esos bares en nombre de la ciencia 🗣🔬🍻 Despues del primer dia calentando motores y cerebros, seguiremos refrescandonos con mucha #ciencia fresca justo extraida de los laboratorios por nuestros ponentes de #Pint18BCN #Pint18ES #Pint18 @pintofscience ES FN Wl ZAr BZq Nos alegra ver que @CRAGENOMICA celebra su cumpleaños con diálogos entre la ➡ciencia🔬 y política 🏛 ➡ciencia💡 y filosofía 📖! Pero bueno, ahora que vuestros compis han comprado el plan de comunicación digital, lo tenemos que comprar de vuelta! 🙏😜 To achieve this increase in EU-budget many players of the scientific field are advocating and lobbying for science 📣! Join our session at @ESOF_eu to get an insight into the lobbying processes of different organisations.We recommend you give this site a go — even if you don't find your soulmate, you will have a great deal of fun here!» more Mike & Caren: «After coming really close to giving up on finding someone who was right for me I have finally found her dating profile and realised — this is the woman I want to spend my entire life with!For access, email [email protected] both your RSD Nation username and your FULL NAME to verify you are a member of RSD Mastermind.holywoof Gordat Ricky Booby Candylicker Eddie99 David1 Aquemini Dominouri Jstun702 guuta Jackem guccigame Betheb1rd masterwayne123 Ashley Tyemere Mc Logan transformational MAGA newandimproved Big Nasty Time snarkyeloquence Dirty Beanbag69 Piico Bruno Rubirosa18 dr3vil belikewater fletch frusco1324 Da Too L110 shennat56577994 Zikozino Naughty by Nature greentealover 25ruca tokoo12 Mad Cra Ze alee629 RSDTYLERshouldlisten erikmf Sardone fletagreaves8386040 tjommi edollo Bugsy Bugs vo1t Theghostinside True Wisdom Greden Max~ rvespino88 Psychosomatic prats Bright Future kapz Tru Boy Q Horned Demo N The College Kid Julien Interkurse Social Lab candman Redpill_Jesus Brandengc Wiizl celomezaque Kaparzo Dylanblue Daniel Game30 lejzy dragon_lord_slayer richard2314 Possum kungfukenny Jeen34 toast619 Amazing1985 Yes Its Possible Wolfe dave7- Kingmaker needyguy Shaolin286 Shinergy Roy Batty rokp danhel Tosh bsags g2k albert10746776959236 Matrim sodacan Kle Tenim lonna38i78012478612 basileus dangut90 dtzaurelia4799480 Game Reborn hope eusebiamccollum nucca08 Enco John smith2600 Carlos.v subterfuge Rico Himself voinik Confide In Me krylim1 The Kaiser gerald0497 Presedential-Game sangbroadnax96192305 Stuart1981 Fitness Guy st4rogin V10n unacat has_123 Oscar10 brody paindoesnthurt enkel daniel Faint Mika_Byt urmomonspeedial pinga adelaiderazo8506024 notchase Dalibr pbot XXXMersenne candacejet Fowgard Onewiththeforce Bogus dompetpoker amicoolyet johnmarty Justdoingit samgamgee Brostory missiontowardsmars Aequitas chiquitakeener3 Bar455 The Mexican Maestro nycguy jduff23 nicksaiz65 Dominicanbulk ab24442777 awoken ill PUA felipa4624 SFV Master Pimp X gnito73 another_one mavishepler9764...

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