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Flick through the comedy history books and the TV prank show doesn't come off too well.

Whether it's Jeremy Beadle wearing a joke shop beard, Dom Joly barking into a jumbo-sized mobile phone or Rio Ferdinand "merking" a baffled celeb bezzie, the whiff of whoopee cushion-clutching staleness is hard to escape. "I think a lot of pranking on TV can be quite lazy," explains the 31-year-old British Iranian actor in his sleepy London drawl. ' My comedy is more character-driven so I certainly wouldn't say I'm the 21st-century Beadle." So far, this approach has served him well.

Now the same sex will intuitively respect you which will lead to better business decisions and employment relationships.I'd love to take some of the Facejacker characters to the States and make a movie. " He may have his own personal movie ambitions but his actual next big screen outing is genuinely impressive.Kayvan has a star-making role as spectacularly stupid would-be suicide bomber Waj in Four Lions, Chris Morris's edgy take on the mujahideen.Although we took over a lift and this one guy got very angry." It's not just the playful spirit of his sweetly warped creations that's admirable.The effort that goes into each prank – setting up fake TV shows, lying to people to commandeer locations, staying in character for six hours – is staggering.

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