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With a musician father who is never around life seems hard.

Liz Murray is a young girl who is taken care of by her loving, but drug-addicted parents.

"I don't think anything in the world is like this." This year, students aggressively documented russefeiring celebrations on social media, giving the rest of the world a look into the wild -- and sometimes just bizarre -- celebration. After criticism that russ was getting too wild, some new dares were invented to encourage teens to make good choices, such as getting tested for STDs or giving food to a homeless person.

Here's what it's like to experience what is quite possibly the craziest teen rager in the world. Krusse Russe Knute Treff i Haven 🎓🙌🏽🎣✉️🍔🚼 #russeknuter #russ2017 #kruss2017 #jesuselskerdeg #blåkorsungkrs #vennerforlivet #velkommentiloss #blåjodel A post shared by Blå Kors Ung Kristiansand (@bku_krs) on The "knots" that students earn through the dares are trinkets that are tied to the russ cap, or russeknuter.

Director: Curtis Crawford Carrie is an attractive high school history teacher who one day decides to help a troubled student, taking an special interest for him, unaware of the ruthless and perverse scheme masterminded for her.

Director: Robert Malenfant Teenage Zoe Tyler suffers from manic-depression.

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