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In June, we're excited to reintroduce Full Stack to the Denver community.

This meetup, Babel ( core team member and contributor James Kyle (github (, twitter (, website ( will show us that compilers aren't black magic by demonstrating a super tiny compiler he's written in Java Script.

There are parking garages on the downtown side of the bridge, next to Union Station.

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When she isn't programming, she might spend time in the mountains, cook or watch wrestling.

For a lot of folks who might have been programming for a while, this is straight-forward and easy to understand. It's a pattern so often used that, when I was first learning Java Script, I thought .

Being familiar with scope) and Lexical Scope is necessary in order to understand the power of closures, so if you're not familiar with these concepts, take a little time to read up on them and come back.

This is a question that often gets asked in technical interviews.

He'll present remotely and we're doing our best to make sure it's a fun and educational session with live Q&A and all the energy he'll send over the intertubes.I'm going to share experiences, insights and lessons learned from my pre-software life which has helped me become a better software developer and community member.Lovisa is originally from Sweden and lived in various parts of the world before moving to the States for love and to study at university.Closures are very useful when defining private variables inside an object: variable in the global scope, thanks to the closure, we can get that information through our new method.A pattern often used in place of an object with a single method, is to take advantage of closure by creating a function that returns an inner function.

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