States not mandating e verify

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More Info: SB 08-193, HB 06-1343, CRS 8-17.5-101 & 102. 2010, Denver city ordinance requires contractors to use E-Verify to validate new employee employment eligibility as a condition of being awarded a city contract.More Info: Denver city ordinance Effective since Jan.Penalties: Immediate cancellation of the contract, reversion of unspent public funds, and monetary penalties.Every contract by a state agency for a state project or service shall include appropriate civil penalties for violating this executive order. As of July 2011, state agencies, political subdivisions, and companies entering into or renewing public contracts must use E-Verify to confirm the work authorization of all new hires.Pased in 2012, Assembly Bill 1236 prohibits state counties, cities or special districts from requiring mandatory employer participation in the E-Verify program.Colorado laws concerning public contracts for services (CRS 8-17.5-101 & 102, HB 06-1343) became effective in 2006.

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The Colorado Secretary of State's Office will post the names of vendors using contractors who knowingly employ illegal aliens to perform work on any public contracts for the state.This map presents an up-to-date summary of all active and proposed E-Verify laws at the city, county and state levels.Prepared and updated by Tracker's legal staff, this map can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape of employment verification requirements.While E-Verify is not mandated for private employers, those who don't use E-Verify may fail to qualify for certain tax credits on state income taxes. State contractors are prohibited from bidding or contracting for state work without first submitting an affidavit attesting that they will use E-Verify to confirm the employment eligibility of workers throughout the project.State contractors must also obtain sworn statements from their subcontractors attesting to the use of E-Verify.

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