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One which was probably maintained in use until quite recently.As memory serves, it dated from around 1950 manufactured by Metropolitan Vickers, a lovely machine capable on most days of supplying the total compressed air requirements of the whole works, it was a high speed centrifugal multi stage unit driven by an (again from memory) 1800hp steam turbine.

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Joe Michaels Thanks Joe- I now have keywords I can do a search with to get up to speed. Don't know why but intuition tells me this thing will be much bigger, as in seperate engine, enough air to run a plant. They would value as a core Got two for a group from a power plant in NYC.

Here is an Ingersoll Rand Imperial type 10 compressor which supplied air to a drop forgings plant in Cleveland.

Plenty of groups restoring steam locomotives can make use of it. There is a recent thread about coal mines, that discusses and has some photos of an Ingersoll Rand Imperial compressor, that I believe was run by a steam engine. They even had modified versions just for pnuematic elevators.

If you do find a Locomotive type air compressor, make sure to get the governor valve with it. I don't have much experience with steam, but there are some people on the forum that have a great deal of knowledge. Curent part and compresser supplier Back Shop Services supply parts to industial customers who still use them.

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