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A council worker from Brighton woke up to discover she was at the centre of international attention this morning - after Donald Trump mistook her for his daughter.

The US president-elect quoted a message which praised his daughter, Ivanka Trump, calling her 'a woman with real character and class'.

I just needed to get something on it as I felt it was going to just sneak wide and luckily I did.” Officials at the Premier League will be pleased that the first official outing of VAR passed off without controversy and even with the system proving its effect, but for Murray it still needs to be drip fed into games and reviewed. Especially with the brand of the Premier League, with its physicality and speed; that's what the world likes to see.

I'm not unusual in having a twitter handle that people confuse with somebody else.'She added: 'If anyone has any ideas for how I can use it for good, I am open to suggestions.'Mail Online editor-at-large, Morgan, replied: 'You should write to Donald Trump today, tweet him and say you're prepared to advise him on his presidency, now that he's brought you into his twitter sphere.' Many people were quick to point out The Donald's error.Family friends and Kellyanne Conway were also interviewed, as well as Eric and Donald Jr, and barely a bad word was said about Ivanka or Donald.The Donald seemed to be happy enough with the portrayal, judging from the fact he retweeted a fan who wrote: '@ivanka Trump is Great (sic) a woman with real character and class.'Unfortunately for Trump, the '@ivanka' tagged in the tweet he shared was not his daughter - instead the account belongs to a woman who lives in southeast England.After the game James Mc Arthur admitted the experience had left more questions than answers. When it is so close like that you need to take your time to review it rather than jump to a conclusion.” Even then, though, some of Mc Arthur’s team-mates still aren’t convinced Murray didn’t use his arm to prod it home, even after seeing multiple replays.“It was probably 15 seconds we were waiting,” he said. “It is one of those on the pitch you think it is a definite handball.

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