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All you need are your skates and some warm clothes.Some helpful websites — although in Dutch — for natural ice skating news, weather and information from around the country is There is also a national skating authority, known as the Royal Dutch Skating Association or (KNSB).You can also find websites providing updates on skating competitions; however, taking part in these races often requires advanced registration.Whether you're looking for live music gigs, clubbing events, exhibitions, sports, arts or theatre, we'll have it listed.You can buy tickets from us direct - we're an official Primary Ticket Agent.In the Netherlands you can find hockey and figure skates, but more common are those with the long blades, used in speed skating.

The Eleven-Cities Tour in Friesland has been run only 15 times since 1909.If you need to hit the ice, you can usually find at least one man-made rink, or , in your local area, with one of the most famous being the rink for ice skating in Amsterdam. If it does get cold enough, those in the know say there’s no better way to see National Park de Weerribben ( than on skates, because you can easily go to places that might otherwise be nearly impossible to reach.The only significant downside to skating on natural ice is that you need your own skates because it’s virtually impossible to rent skates to take to the local ice pond.Older versions of these can sometimes be found in second-hand and antique shops but try these at your own risk.For more information about natural ice skating areas, events and local conditions, check with the national skating association website, nl.

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