Sisqo and mya dating

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In the song, Mýa sings of wanting a man to "die" because "he never loved her anyway." She said, "the song is about saying things in anger, but being able to learn from mistakes." Another ballad, "My First Night with You", is about a non-sexual experience with a man, written by Babyface and produced by Daryl Simmons.

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However, by the time she was eight, Mýa was burned out.

"I finally told my mom, and when she told my dad—he's a singer—he said, 'Mýa can't sing! ' During her early-to-mid-teen years, she taught dance to kids and held a dancing gig on BET's Teen Summit as well.

At the age of 15, Mýa shifted her focus solely on music, and although she was best known as a dancer, she was also musically inclined, learning how to sing and play the violin as a child.

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