Side effects of sedating a dog

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It’s fairly safe when properly dosed, but sometimes there are side effects.Your dog may get drowsy and increased sensitivity to sun exposure, especially during summer, is also a concern. This popular OTC medication will effectively sedate a dog.With this thought in mind, after the last go-round with Pies and Frances, I decided to lay out, in as succinct a manner as I could, the “case against antipsychotics.” I figured the paper could become part of the drug-info resources on our site, with readers able to download it and find there, in one package, a presentation of the science relevant to this question.Perhaps some readers will be motivated to urge prescribers of these drugs to read it as well.The “Case Against Antipsychotics” is organized in a simple fashion.It has four parts: Although this may be a review of the scientific literature that I have written about many times, I like to think I learn something new every time I take a swing at it, and that turned out to be true in this case too.Whether you're at home or away, your life would not be complete without your dog, and your dog feels the same way about you.That’s why it’s so hard to leave a dog behind at home or at a kennel.

Human medications may also be more difficult to dose for your dog and may have unwanted side effects, such as drowsiness.

Lengthen trips, over time, until travel isn’t traumatic.

That technique is obviously preferred to an antiemetic like Dramamine. In reasonable amounts, it has properties that relieve nausea.

Some dogs experience a lose of appetite, vomiting and/or diarrhea. Discontinue Dramamine, AKA Gravol, if it causes your dog to vomit.

Overdosing is quite easy and, unfortunately, occurs each and every day. It’s works for motion sickness, but dosing can be tricky. Pregnant dogs should never be administered Dramamine.

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