Shia dating

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The characteristics of Iran in the late 20th century have their roots in Azerbaijan 500 years ago.

One of the sheikh's descendants, Ismail, drastically enlarges the family's power in the early 16th century.

Both countries are major oil producers but while Saudi covers a significantly larger land mass, Iran’s population is more than twice the size.Only lran, Iraq, Azerbaijan and Bahrain have a Shia majority, although there are also significant Shia populations in Yemen, Lebanon, Kuwait, Syria and Qatar.Despite being members of the religious minority, the Saudi-backed Kingdom of Bahrain has long been ruled by the Sunni House of Khalifa.And of course the current civil war in Yemen has become a sectarian proxy war, with Iran backing the Shia Houthi rebels who overthrew the country’s Sunni-dominated government, while a Saudi-led coalition has since intervened to reinstall the Sunni leadership.After four centuries of dominance by powerful intruders (Seljuk Turks, Mongols), Persia acquires in the 16th century a new dynasty from the heartland of the classical Persian empire.

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