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Is there a non-sexual equivalent of this phrase to express sleeping with someone without sexual intercourse?

In a usually pejorative sense, and especially applied to women, the word frigid (sometimes just cold) is used.

Christine Barter, an NSPCC senior research fellow at Bristol’s School for Policy Studies, who led the study, said: ‘Our research findings show that across Europe violence and abuse, both offline and online, in young people’s relationships constitutes a major problem yet in most countries it remains unrecognised leaving young people with little support.’ The increasing problem of revenge porn – the distribution of a private sexual image of someone without their consent and with the intention of causing them distress – is one the government has pledged to tackle with new laws.

How would sexual intercourse have been referred to before the 1920's?

'Perhaps couples in the UK who have lived together a long time tend to have a more companionable than sexual relationship,' he said.

'But the survey shows women want more - they want an active sex life.' The survey was carried out by an independent research firm and was sponsored by Organon, a Dutch pharmaceutical company which makes an HRT treatment.

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