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Feriestemningen melder sig hurtigt når du ankommer til det charmerende badehotel fra 1912 i Hejlsminde.Lige uden for døren bliver du mødt af den skønne sandstrand, hvor du kan hoppe direkte i Lillebælt fra badebroen.— The Black Student Alliance of the University of Wyoming said Tuesday it will stage a nonviolent rally Saturday to protest the racial policies of the Mormon Church and Brigham Young University .— The most violent demonstration yet against Brigham Young University by black students protesting the Provo school's allegedly racist policies took place here Thursday night before, during and after the Cougars' 94-71 WAC basketball loss to a hot-shooting Colorado State University .However, on at least four different occasions his name has been submitted to the LDS Church for temple ordinances."At Tucson we had heard all day long about protests.Ezra Taft Benson, then an apostle and later church president, claimed that the movement was "fomented almost entirely by the communists." As the Civil Rights movement made gains nationwide, Mormonism's exclusionary policy came under repeated attack.

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Without King, it doesn't tell the whole story" ("Some Say Utah Lacks Recognition of Human Rights Day," by Denise Albiston, , Utah State University, January 16, 2004).the Arizona coach Bruce Larson, is a bishop in the Mormon Church, so, in effect, the Wildcat players and fans were protesting against their own coach .The blacks walked onto a mat just before the first event and broke eggs and poured oil, catsup and salad dressing onto the mat, officials said .Lowry Nelson, a Mormon sociologist, wrote to the church's leadership in 1947 protesting the exclusionary policy.Peterson said, "It ought to be King's day, it ought to be observed, and the Utah Legislature should come into session on Tuesday.

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