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Fortunately, technology has brought us the next best thing: via Skype sex (or Facetime sex for you i Phone lovers).

If you haven't tried it yourself yet, chances are you know someone else who has — or at the very least someone who wants to ... There's no need for elaborate planning, but at least choose a time when both of you will have at least an hour or so to relax without interruptions from a roommate, work, family, etc.

Maybe it's a role-playing fantasy, as I mentioned above, or maybe it's a new toy, such as a dildo or a vibrator.

Also, try different positions to ensure your partner's seeing the parts of you that he or she loves the most.

Say it sexy, but don't worry about being clever if that isn't your thing.

Even the simplest descriptions go a long way toward making things hotter.

That’s the nice thing about webcam sex – you’re never limited to local sex contacts; in this day and age, you can have virtual sex encounters with people from all over the world. A great service to help you find new contacts for your Skype address book.

But don’t think this service is only about webcam sex.

Only in this one, your partner will only have eyes for you.

Finally, don’t worry too much if things feel awkward or you’re unable to orgasm on-screen.

For some people, getting themselves off is something that they’re used to doing in private and it can take some adjustment to get used to doing it in front of someone else.

Let us show you where to start your online search for the perfect Skype sex partner.

The following four webcam dating and personals sites are amongst the best in the industry. Sex Play Cam is a service that helps men and women find partners for cybersex encounters. The site also allows users to share their personal pictures and homemade videos.

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