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The twenty-first century, however, has a new cause on the rise: bullying.

Although bullying is receiving unprecedented awareness and advocacy in schools and the media, startling reports of victims taking their lives are uncovering new realities.

Different types of people in our society respond to this issue in different ways.

Earlier in this year, some 932 parents of adolescents completed a questionnaire of 30 common psychological medical concerns of adolescence, among which suicide was one item.... The rule wasn’t just a pointless number; it was set for a reason and in order to keep people safe it should be followed.

Over the past years, American society has been concerned about this issue, especially teenage suicide.

Many try drugs out of curiosity, to party and have a good time, pressure put on by their friends, to relieve stress, anxiety, and depression....

[tags: teenage pregnancy, substance abuse] - When asked what the major cause of teenage suicide is, most people would conclude depression or drugs.

The next growing issue that seems to be occurring all over the U. is teenagers and smoking weed, chewing tobacco, smoking cigarettes, and participating in other harmful drug use.

Teenagers can start using drugs for multiple reasons.

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