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Marvin explains that this was a time when the new regulations on sexual harassment were unfolding in the workplace.

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In 1984, as Assistant Director for Residence Education, Marvin initiated programs in sexual harassment prevention for residence hall staff.An interest in how to cultivate respectful norms Before forming SAPAC, Marvin was interested in dating behavior and what amounted to sexual harassment or sexual assault, especially when students were drinking a great deal.“When I moved from Counselling to Housing, I took a lot of those interests with me,” he says.This was a time when institutions needed guidance and training in how to handle new gender roles and sexual freedoms.“A number of us,” says Marvin, “including my wife, Jane, and Jim Toy were very active in trying to create educational programs to address these challenges.” During this period, Marvin also conducted what was likely the first session on HIV awareness.

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