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They can afford to ignore comments, and they do not care whether data was coded in a CDATA section or as plain text, or whether it included an entity reference.For such applications, a minimum of lexical information is desirable, because it simplifies the number and kind of DOM nodes that the application must be prepared to examine.

Lexical information is the information you need to reconstruct the original syntax of an XML document.In particular, you use the Document Builder db = Document Builder(); Output Stream Writer error Writer = new Output Stream Writer(System.err, output Encoding); Error Handler(new My Error Handler (new Print Writer(error Writer, true))); Document doc = db.parse(new File(filename)); does not do anything yet.In the next section, you will see how to display the DOM structure and begin to explore it.Preserving lexical information is important in editing applications, where you want to save a document that is an accurate reflection of the original-complete with comments, entity references, and any CDATA sections it may have included at the outset.Most applications, however, are concerned only with the content of the XML structures.

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