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In fact, it is estimated that the serial killer may be responsible for up to 130 murders.

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When he was arrested, authorities discovered hundreds of photos of unidentified women in a storage locker he rented in Seattle.

While some of the photos are believed to be models that Alcala worked with, police also believe that he used his profession to lure unsuspecting victims to their deaths.

In 2010, police released over 100 photos taken by Alcala and asked for the public’s assistance in identifying the women pictured.

The only reason Alcala was released was because the girl's parents refused to let her speak at the trial. But Alcala had other things on his mind this night in 1978: he wanted bachelorette Cheryl to pick him for a date!

Thornton was six months pregnant at the time of her murder.

She is only the latest victim to be linked to Alcala, called the “Dating Game Killer” thanks to his prize-winning appearance TV’s Alcala has been in prison since 1979 for the murder of a 12-year-old girl, Robin Samsoe, in California.

Although his guilty verdict in that murder was twice overturned, he was convicted of her death for a third time and remains in prison for the slaying.

In the years since his incarceration, he has been convicted of or pled guilty to six additional murders—most recently in 2013, for the 1971 slaying of Cornelia Crilley and the 1977 slaying of Ellen Hover, both of New York state.

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