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Although it eased the pain of labor, chloroform had higher risks than those associated with ether.Neither ether nor chloroform are used in surgery today.Nevertheless, chloroform has remained an important industrial chemical.Chloroform is prepared by the chlorination of methane.Anesthetics can be administered by doctors (called anesthesiologists) or by specially trained nurses (called CRNAs, certified registered nurse anesthetists) working under a doctor's guidance.

Chloroform is formed by the reaction of chlorine with organic substances present in water and thus can occur in drinking water that has been chlorinated. John Snow administered it to Queen Victoria during the birth of Prince Leopold, her eighth child.Chloroform has a relatively narrow margin of safety and has been replaced by better inhalation anesthetics.In 1845, he attempted to demonstrate its pain-blocking qualities to a public audience but was unsuccessful when he began to pull a tooth before the patient was fully anesthetized.The patient cried out in pain and, as a result, another 20 years passed before nitrous oxide was accepted for use as an anesthetic.

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